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SUMMARY: Tokyo ultimately leads the successful surgery of Nairobi, removing the bullet by cutting out a portion of her lung. With Tokyo in charge, the ego-centric Palermo is about to walk out of the bank before he is restrained to a chair by the gang. Meanwhile, Lisbon is transported to a police tent outside the bank, where she is interrogated by Sierra. Tokyo calls the Professor, who is furious at her coup, however, Tokyo helps him deduce that the police had staged Lisbon's execution and that she is being interrogated inside the police tent. In flashbacks, Marseille, Bogotá and the Professor celebrate Berlin's wedding to Tatiana, but the Professor expresses concern to Berlin about marrying since he has a terminal illness. In the present, the Professor and Marseille break into the apartment of Tamayo's assistant, Antoñanzas, but he jumps out of his window into the pool below. Sierra tells Lisbon that if she cooperates, her probable 30 year sentence would potentially be reduced to 10 years, and that she would be out in five years
Original Title: Money Heist
Episode Title: "La boda de Berlín" "Berlin's Wedding"

Episode Title: 2
Directed By:  Javier Quintas
Written By:  Ana Boyero, Jaun Salvador López, Emilio Díez, Luis Moya
Channel: NETFLIX
Creators: ÁLEX PINA
Release Date: 3rd April 2020
Language: English, Spanish
Runtime: 45 min
Size: 80Mb To 420Mb

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